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Move Out Instructions

Moving Out Checklist and Instructions

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Moving Out the Right Way

As a tenant, the end of your lease approaching can be pretty stressful, if you choose not to renew it. However, we try to make you aware of the process and some steps that should be taken to move out properly and hopefully reduce some of that stress. Before we get into that, we’d like to also point out that you can contact us if you have any further questions or something about the process remains unclear. Before you begin the process, it is also important to review the lease agreement for your specific lease as well because there may be further details about your home that need to be carried out.

To begin, take a look around your home and do your own inspection. There may be some smaller things that you can handle yourself and being proactive with issues like that would make the process much easier for yourself. The last thing you want is for our inspection to find something that you could have had fixed before you left. Typical wear and tear is expected and reasonable; However, if there are any holes in the walls that were caused by yourself, or any scratches on the floors etc… it is your responsibility to take action to mitigate damages and help solve the problem. Keep all receipts of interactions with maintenance to insure that you did take action if there were any problems. The next thing you’d want to look for on your personal inspection would be to find things that may be in odd places. You do not want to leave anything behind and doing an initial check in some lesser used places of your home may be beneficial in making sure that doesn’t happen. When you do get to packing up your things the week before you move out, you will be thanking yourself!

Take your investigation outside next and think about the landscaping. This is especially important if your rental is a single family home, rather than a multi-family. This outside inspection will entail cleaning your gutters if needed, cutting the grass and taking a hard look around to make sure you leave no property outside behind either. Some of these items could be: exercise equipment, sports equipment, tools, furniture etc… While you’re outside, remember to take out the trash before you leave also. Back inside, take down any pictures you may have hanging up, remove any stickers from the fridge, and remove all your personal items from the bathroom. If there are any stains on the floor, make your best effort to clean them up. The next step would be cleaning. Cleaning would consist of washing the windows, dusting furniture, cleaning kitchen appliances, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors. If necessary, contact pest control and have them come before you leave if necessary. If anything remains unclear about the process and you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading everybody, and if you’re moving out soon - we really hope this made the process a bit simpler!