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Meet Our Team


We are very proud of the E & E team! Over the years we have found the right members to produce a solid and growing enterprise, one that you can count on to watch out for your interests, to quickly respond to questions or concerns, and to handle the stress of home maintenance. In an industry known for stressful situations, this is one of our keys to a successful property management company.

Bio Picture of Emma Grin
Emma Grin
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Emma Grin is a real estate investor, property manager and the founder of E & E Capital Management. She established E & E in 2012 as a real estate investment and property management firm, and is currently invested in and managing assets upwards of $50 million. Investments for the company include single family, multifamily, and a commercial building.

Starting in 2012 with investments in distressed properties and a challenging tenant base, E & E built up industry leading experience to handle the most difficult situations. With more than nine years of experience in the Georgia market, in addition to her family's 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Emma has developed a robust methodology which achieves best in class performance for her investments. Her unique management structure is founded on utilizing creative solutions, technology and advanced communication tools to optimize even the most meticulous details.

Bio Picture of Greg Levine
Greg Levine
Chief Financial Officer
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For the past ten years, Greg Levine has worked as an accountant in the real estate industry. He has taken on leadership roles in the fields of residential and commercial property management, construction and private lending. Greg is a native of Atlanta and has been the in-house accountant at E&E Capital since 2012.

Bio Picture of Rolanda Sullivan
Rolanda Sullivan
Vice President of Operations

Rolanda provides over 10 years in management and operation. As the VP of Operation, Rolanda works for our investors ensuring that their portfolios are being handled with care and efficiency.

Rolanda is also responsible for working with our maintenance department, assigning, verifying, and confirming incoming maintenance requests so we can get our crews dispatched to the various properties as soon as possible. As part of this she makes sure the owners are notified if a repair is needed over their set budget, she collects and screens invoices, makes sure warranties are upheld, and all in a timely and cost efficient manner!