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"During underwriting of a multifamily property that our firm, Greystone Brown Real Estate Advisors was hired to sell, we found that the property was performing at such high levels [under E&E Capital Management LLC] that we couldn't underwrite it using actual trailing 3 revenue and 12 expenses as we normally do. We needed to increase the vacancy, the payroll, and other expenses that another management firms would normally incur and lenders such and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are accustomed to seeing in The Atlanta MSA. "
- Barden Brown
Greystone Brown Real Estate Advisors

"E & E Capital Management is managing multi-unit properties for us since early 2018, when they started with a 48 unit complex in Atlanta. Recently they took over a 157 apartment units in the area. In both cases we've asked Emma Grin to take over from well established property management companies. The value delivered by E & E to owners is incomparable, with immediate impact on revenue, expenses, and cash flow. At the same time we see that the tenant communities are getting better servies and the staff is empowered.

Emma is a young entrepreneur with a PM platform she had created herself. The platform consists of processes, supply chain, motivated staff and all required functions needed. However the key features we enjoy most are excellent understanding of businees and operations, good communication and speed of action - everything said is done and quickly."

- Alon Sagie
Managing Director
Evalon Real Estate Investments

"I would like to thank Emma and her team on a fabulous job they did helping me sell my property. I had discovered issues with it after I bought it in 2004. Emma coordinated the work between muliple offices from lawyers to city agencies, tax agencies, title agencies and prospective buyers and then placed it on the market for a great price. When the first buyer fell short on funding, she was able to secure even a better offer from another buyer and sold the property quickly. I could not have asked for a better person to help me navigate the landscape of real estate in Atlanlta. She is the go to person for any job in real estate in Atlanta. Thank you again"
- Fadi C.

"When we found out our house was foreclosed on, we were devastated; and felt betrayed by our mortgage company. Our home was bought by E&E Capital Management. E&E offered us the opportunity to continue residing at the residence, with them as our property managers. Everything we were told would happen did...from the documents being available online to speedy response to maintenance issues, also available online. I would highly recommend E&E for all your property management needs."
- Leroy

"I would like to thank you for your prompt response to the heating issue that I was experiencing at the beginning of the month. Any time that I have put in a request for repairs, you have responded very quickly regardless of the severity of the request, and I appreciate that. My family and I have really enjoyed living in the house, and plan on staying for as long as you will have us. Again, thank you for everything, and have a great holiday."
- Tonya

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"I have been working with Emma from E & E Capital Management for over a year, and since I started I experience peace of mind with my property. The property is managed in a highly professional manner, the rent is collected on time, and working with Emma is done in full transparency. Emma handles the property as if she herself owns it, and treats the tenants respectfully. Whoever seeks professionalism and peace of mind, E & E Capital Management by Emma and her team, is the right choice."
- Ronen D.

"Emma has been a terrific property manager. She's always looking for ways to save me money. She responds to my (many) emails promptly. Thanks for your great work, Emma‚Äč!!"
- Jeff

"Emma and her crew have become the best partner for us as we must make a lot of decision every day . The are helping us in finding tenants, inspect properties, supervising on contractors, buying and selling properties. I really feel safe in their hends and that make for me as an overseas investor the possibility to make business from long distance. Thank you Emma, Greg, Olthea and Rolanda, I am so happy to work with you."
- Lior M

"Emma is a person who cares!!!, first and foremost the most important for her is the best interests of the people whom she works with, all that and the fact that she is first class professional, open to ideas, improving all the time places her at the top of her profession I love working with her and with her professional staff, she and her staff are friendly, dedicated, available, advising, explains, patient, reliable and very serious. I gain not only a property manager and an investor's escort but also a dear friend, Thank you, Emma, and thank you Greg, Olethea, Rolanda "
- Orit

"After a really poor start with a bad agent dishonest contractors Emma came in and sorted out my problems and now things are looking great. If you want a hard working honest person and well structured property manager look no further you just found the best one"
- James

"My wife and I would like to thank EE Capital Management for their commitment to provide quality housing and professionalism at all times..We are truly happy tenants..I would recommend E&E Capital Management to future residents"
- Tenant

"Love y'all ladies and that's on my mother ! I genuinely wish I could stay forever because I never had a management company that took care of my needs like you all or even helped in my time of need. THANK YOU !"
- Tenant

"The management company is quick and efficient with maintenance concerns.
y'all are great people and management love living here great service thank you
They will find a solution to any problem you may have."

- Tenant

"When we first started looking for houses, we a really hard time finding someone that would accept our dogs and the fact that we had no prior renting history. E & E took our situation an worked with us. We were allowed to bring our pets and they worked with our credit history and prior renting history. E & E has been extremely nice. We never have any issues and if something happens with the house they send someone out within a few hours to fix it. E & E has been (and still is) an amazing landlord! We love renting form them! We would gladly continue renting from E & E Capital Management!"
- Brittany

"Great No problems, I am so happy to rent with E E."
- Darryl

"This house and neighborhood is very nice and peaceful, management is very nice they will do what they need to make you happy have no problem with them at all, I will be living here one more year but going to recommend this house to the next residents very nice area ."
- Susie

"Like the property , enjoy the staff"
- Carleen

"I love the upkeep of the property and how they response to my concerns, I also love how they take care of their tenet and pay attention to their concerns."
- Dionne

"The neighborhood is ok, the crime level is normal for the area. There have been some issues with break ins in the community but none where I am actually located at in the neighborhood."
- Nakia

"It's quiet to say the most but I've have problems with the air, under my sink, and now my tub won't stop up which they haven't fixed yet I have sugar ants my stove coming apart, and the bees and wasp are bad.. I love this house I do because it's my first actual home but for 950.00 a month I think this house need some adjustments."
- Quantina